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Direction Guide


Blk 22 Ghim Moh Link #37-208 Singapore 271022

1. From Buona Vista MRT station, take escalator and turn right to The Star Vista Mall.

2. You will pass by some stalls such as "KOI", "Cheers" and "Old Chang kee". Walk along the road path that is shown on Figure2.

3. Continue and walk till the end. You should be walking directly under the MRT track. On you left is Star Vista Mall and on you right is the power station shown on Figure 3.

4. Look out for tall buildings in white and grey with a tinge of orange. The white arrow shown on Figure 4 indicates the destination you are heading to. You will see as you walk along the path.

5. Walk to the T-junction of "Commonwealth Ave" and cross the traffic light. After crossing the road, turn left and walk along the green wired fencing.

6. You will be able to see a coffee shop which is block 25 shown on figure 6.

7. Follow the path along the coffee shop, shown on figure 7, and you will see block 23. Continue to walk and our block 22 is right ahead.

8. Take lift A or B that serves the higher levels to level 37. Unit #37-208.


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