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Is it ok if my face is swollen after extraction?

It is not a norm for whiteheads and blackheads unless one insist on getting the blackheads out.

However, for pimples, cysts or boil, the swell is normal.

For acne problems like cysts, pimples or boils, the localized area is already swollen (meaning inflamed) hence even after extraction, the swelling will still be there. What has been removed is mainly the pus, blood and some fluid.  Hence why is the localized area still swollen when fluids are out too right?

That area has been "tampered" and since the blood vessels there IS already dilated to allow more blood and tissue fluids to be retained (to fight off bacteria or foreign particles), the fluids will still be produced till signals has been sent to declare clearance of bacteria (fluids underneath skin means swollen yah).

As for minor acne problem like comedoms (white/blackheads), the correct way (very idealistic way) will be to soften them before trying to extract them out & target each blackheads pore by pore gently. If they are still stubborn, more strength is required and if the strength exerted exceeds one's threshold of pain, the signal to protect your cells at that particular area will cause blood vessels to dilate as well. That's when redness is observed.

The ideal way is hard to follow when:
- the blackheads or plug are DEEP (diff from those small little ones near surface)

- one's muscle tone are soft

- you insist on wanting the facialist to do a clean job on extraction

- the facialist doesn't want to spend too much time on extraction hence using the extractor to drag over your skin for a fast and "clean" job (can't really blame them, most places emphasis on speed and going pore-by-pore is very tedious but this is however very damaging to our skin when they drag and exert strength at the same time)

Do take note that some people have very low threshold for pain (you maybe able to endure but to your nervous system, it is already painful) hence they are classified as "sensitive" to extraction and a little force is all that need to make them red.


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