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New to Skin Revival?

Skin Revival is a natural skincare company that is dedicated to providing high quality skincare products and facials to our customers at affordable rates. We continually source for premium ingredients and re-invent our formulations to maximize penetration of our finest products into the skin. Our personal touch is captured in our self-formulated, customized products and services for our customers. We are able to keep costs low for our customers through savings from advertising. The best form of advertisement is through word of mouth and our satisfied customers are more than willing to tell it all. Let the wonders of nature work for you today.



Where are your products from?

Most of our products are self-formulated by Skin Revival using ingredients imported from the US and Australia.


Are your products made from natural and organic ingredients?

Skin Revival's products are more than 99.5% natural, because only a small percentage of semi-synthetic (derived from natural ingredients) preservatives are added to prevent our products from going bad. Our products are produced in small batches to ensure that only the freshest products get to you. We are proud that we use no chemicals in any of our products. We mainly use wild-crafted ingredients to ensure that they have not been treated chemically or synthetically. As such, not all our products are organic.

Cautionary note: Do note that if a product claims to be organic, it does not mean that it is chemical-free.


Facial Services

How much do customized facials start from?

Customized facials start at $58 unless you are a student, a package holder or if you are a Regular.

This consists of the standard facial procedures as follows:

· Free consultation

· Cleanse

· Scrub

· Eyebrow trimming

· Steam

· Extraction-max 25 mins (Extraction is limited to 25mins. Charges apply if customer wishes to extend their extraction session.)

· Facial Detoxifying Acupressure Massage

· Facial Firming Massage

· Half Body Lymphatic Massage (excludes men)

· Head & Neck Massage

In addition, customers are required to top up for mask/s.


Why is it necessary for me to top up for mask? Why doesn't it come with the standard facial procedure?

It is necessary to top up for at least one mask as our standard facial procedure is designed such that it preps the skin for maximum nutrients absorption at the final mask stage. We have a variety of masks targeted for different skin needs. As each customer has different skin concerns, the mask that is used will be catered to each individual's requirement. As a result, we do not charge a fixed facial rate whereby we use a standard mask for a generic skin type. Rather, we customize the mask depending on the individual skin's needs as well as the customer's budget. At times, if the customer's budget allows, we may use up to two different types of masks or treatments for their skin.


I see, so Skin Revival plans my facial according to my skin's needs and budget. In that case, any suggestions for how much I should set as my budget?

It is entirely up to you! Since our facials start at $58, it is essential to top up for mask and our masks range from $20-$40, we suggest:

For a one mask facial: $58 + ($20 to $40) = between $78 to $98

For a two masks facial: $58 + 2x($20 to $40)= between  $98 to $138

To date, our most expensive facial treatment for our customers has not exceeded $180(excluding treatments).


Does that mean if I have a budget that is lower, I would be disadvantaged from a better facial treatment?

Skin Revival's masks are differentiated by their uses. The more economical masks are for general use and are suitable for everyone. The higher range masks target specific skin concerns and have higher potency.

If a customer provides us with a lower budget, the masks available for selection will be more restricted. That being said, our more economical masks are suitable for all skin types. Thus they are more suitable for customers who would like a basic facial. However, if your skin requires special attention such as treating acne-prone skin or sensitive, inflamed skin, it would be more realistic if you could provide us with a higher budget to work with. This would ensure that we would be able to tailor the best facial treatment for you.


What type of customized facial plans do you have?



Package holder



Facial starts from...





Eligible for 10% disc for facials?

No, except during off-peak timings


No, except during off-peak timings

No, except during off-peak timings

Eligible for 10% disc for products?






What is the difference between express and customized facials?

Customized facials offer more flexibility than express facials in terms of duration, facial procedure and treatment.

If your skin requires any special attention or if you have any particular skin concerns, we recommend that you try our customized facials as it allows us more flexibility to address your skin's needs.

However, if you generally have fuss-free skin and would like a facial for maintenance or relaxation, our express facials would be the one for you.

What are you waiting for? Come, join us and experience a pleasant, remarkable facial session!


Skin tip of the day

Avoid touching your face with your fingers or leaning your face on objects that collect sebum and skin residue like your phone. Touching your face can spread the bacteria that cause pores to become inflamed and irritated. To keep bacteria at bay, wash your hands before applying anything to your face, such as treatment creams or makeup.

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