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Welcome to Skin Revival

“In all things of Nature, there is something of the marvelous.” - Aristotle

Skin Revival is the perfect idyllic haven that beckons you to discover the healing power of nature. Let your skin take a break from the stresses of the everyday life and be pampered with our rejuvenating treatments.

As your skin experiences revival, so do you.

Come relax, indulge and enjoy nature's wonderful gifts to you.

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Do note that the main purpose of our samples are to test for allergic reactions.  We do not recommend customers to purchase samples for subsequent usage due to the fact that there is a short lifespan of the sample due to the nature of its container.

How to test for allergic reactions using skin patch testing?

We only pack the samples when we receive your order so rest assure that you'll get the freshest natural products.

Please visit our e-Shop if you would like to purchase our samples.  =)





Net Weight Price
1.  Lycopene Pectin Enzyme Peel
5 g
2.  Enzymatic Blemish Masque
3.  Papain Enzyme Peel
4.  Raspberry Whitening Mask
5.  Avocado Honey Mask
6.  Vitamin Mineral Cocktail Mask
7.  Botanical Purifying Clay Mask



Net Weight Price
1.  Zit-Zip Cleanser 8 g $ 3.00
2.  Flora Fusion Wash 8 g $ 3.00
3.  Pure Cleansing Oil 30 g $ 13.00
4.  Matte Tonic / Refreshing Mist 8 g $ 4.00
5.  Luminescence Tonic / Protecting Mist 8 g $ 4.00
6.  Perfect Harmony Mist (Orange Bitter Flowers & Lavender Hydrosol) 8 g $ 4.50
7.  Lime Wheat Scrub 5 g $ 5.00


Net Weight Price
1. Combi-Skin Benefactor Serum 8 g $ 9.00
2. Immortality Serum 8 g $ 15.80
3. Acne Eliminator 8 g $ 9.10
4. Gingko & Green Tea Serum 8 g $ 12.50
5. Scar Fader 5 g $ 15.70
6. Skin Deep Whitening Inflator (Premium) 5 g $ 27.50
7. Skin Deep Whitening Protector (Premium) 5 g $ 27.00
8. Age-Proof Sunblock 30 g $ 19.00
9. Age-Proof Sunblock (Pink) 30 g $ 20.00
10. Eye Firming Potion 5 g $ 23.00
11. EyeBright Firming Serum 5 g $ 23.00

Mineral Powder

Samples Volume Price / volume

1.  Mineral Loose Foundation

5cm3 $ 8.50

Prices quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

* (For more enquiries, please email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )




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Skin tip of the day

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and stop you from squinting against the sun. When you crease up your eyes you will get those crows feet

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