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Skin Care Articles
Why use Natural Skin Care?

Why use Natural Skin Care?

You should use natural skin care for a few reasons. One is that everything you put on your skin get absorbed into your body and stored in the liver. Many cosmetics and skin care products contain what the FDA calls the "threshold of no significance", which means there are toxins known to cause cancer in them but not enough to cause a problem. But if you use 10 or 15 of these skin care products twice a day every day for 10 years, then you are at a threshold of great significance to your health. Also, many products are not biodegradable, so when they go down your drain after you rinse it off your body, they go from polluting your body to polluting the earth.

If it is not biodegradable, that means it has to go somewhere but it won't disappear. Many popular products today offer instant wrinkle reducers, which plump up the skin with irritating chemicals to fill in the crow's feet. This type of chemical irritation, over a period of time, will lead to more wrinkles! Many products say "fragrance free", but they actually add more fragrance to achieve a non fragrance smell than when they have an obvious fragrance! That is why we created Skin Revival; we wanted a natural & fabulous solution to these problems.

Many skin care companies claim that they are all natural, however have you noticed that some of them refuse to display their ingredients? Why should they do that if they are really using only natural ingredients? Simply to attract the unknowing customer! All natural products have very short life span, anything from 1 day to 1 week.

Just think, how long can you keep your apple fresh? Skin Revival products claim to be more than 99.5% natural, because only a small percentage of preservatives are added to prevent our products from spoiling. Our products are produced in small batches to ensure that only the freshest products get to you.

Don't know if your current skin care product contains HARMFUL INGREDIENTS? Want to know more? Click here to find out

What are some harmful ingredients that I should avoid?




According to the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration, of 2,983 substances used in personal care products, 884 were found to be toxic, 146 were found to cause cancerous tumors, 218 could cause reproductive complications, 314 can cause biological mutations and 376 could cause eye and skin irritations.                                                                        

Called a humectant in cosmetics, it is a mineral oil used in “hydraulic fluid” and industrial anti-freeze. A strong skin irritant it can also cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage. 

These are also very commonly used, as they are very cheap. These are harsh detergents that strip the skin and cause contact dematitis. These are the exact same lathering cleansers you find in your dish soap, laundry soap, shampoo and toothpaste. These substances cause canker sores in the mouth from using toothpaste, and irritates women and girls who take bubble baths. These ingredients indicate a low quality product, no matter what the cost, and they will make your skin age faster. This is often used with a numbing agent in case it gets in your eyes, like with many popular baby shampoos, so they seem gentle.

A commonly used ingredient, as it is a very inexpensive substance. This is basically petroleum, like what you put in your car. It is known to clog pores and while it does not moisturize as many believe, it will trap water inside the skin. A product containing this ingredient, especially if it is an expensive product, is something to beware of. An expensive product containing this has no commitment to quality ingredients. It is a substitute for rich plant oils like jojoba, almond oil, apricot kernel oil, etc.

A potentially carcinogenic by-product that results from the process used to bleach paper. 
Dioxin treated containers can transfer dioxins to the product in the container.

A toxic, colourless gas that is an irritant and a carcinogen. When combined with water, formaldehyde 
is used as a disinfectant, fixative or preservative. Found in many cosmetic products and conventional
nail care systems.

A metallic element used extensively in the manufacture of aircraft components is an ingredient in anti-perspirants, antacids and antiseptics. Associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

A colorless , non-flammable gas or liquid that can produce mild upper respiratory tract irritation. Fluorocarbons are commonly used as a propellant in hairsprays.

A fatty substance extracted from wool, which is frequently found in cosmetics and lotions. Lanolin is a common skin sensitiser that can cause allergic reactions, such as skin rashes.

Routine application of talc in the genital area is associated with 3-4 times increased risk of ovarian cancer.


This is an emulsifier and also strips the lipid barrier from the skin. In addition to this, the University of Bologna, Italy has found it to be the most frequent 'sensitizer' among commonly used emulsifiers in the US. A sensitizer might sound tame, but skin cells which are more sensitive are also exposed to a plethora of conditions which can increase the chance of abnormal cell reproduction and/or hyperpigmentation.

These are clays in foundations that may clog and suffocate the skin. Bentonite is used to suffocate forest fires.  

Derived from animal skins and ground up chicken feet. Both of these ingredients form films that may suffocate and flood the skin with too much moisture.  

Made from animal fat and lye. Bacteria feeds and grows on it. Corrodes the skin and dries it out. Many of the "hyped" ingredients procollagen, collagen, elastin, and hylauronic acids found in cosmetic brands cannot penetrate the skin because of high-molecular weight and are of little benefit.  


Skin Revival Singapore strives to enlighten our customers about Natural Skin Care!

This place will be stocked with Skin Care Articles - anything about skin care. i.e. Dry Skin to Natural Skin Care tips!

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Just make sure the proper credits are given to the authors. 

Believe in natural skin care!

Disclaimer: Articles posted are for knowledge sharing purposes only. The findings and opinions of authors expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily state or reflect those of Skin Revival

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